Which night of the week will AEW air on TNT?

PWInsider reports that AEW is narrowing in on when exactly their weekly TV show will air on TNT.
Dave Meltzer reported that the trademark of “Tuesday Night Dynamite” was by no means a final decision and that TNT was leaning more towards a Wednesday nights because of the NBA.
The company has also trademarked Wednesday Night Dynamite as a potential name for the weekly show.
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MLW FUSION now available on PlayStation Vue

NEW YORK — MLW FUSION is now available to watch on PlayStation™ Vue.
Fans can catch Major League Wrestling’s flagship weekly program MLW FUSION Saturday nights at 9pm EST/6pm PST on PlayStation™ Vue’s live TV streaming service via Bein Sports.
“If you don’t have cable you and want to watch MLW live, now you can watch all the MLW fights you want directly online on PlayStation Vue,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “As a sports and video game guy, beIN on Vue is the perfect 1-2 punch.”
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Kevin Owens Says Vince McMahon Was Disappointed In His WrestleMania 33 Match

On the latest edition of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Kevin Owens discussed Vince McMahon being unhappy with his match at WrestleMania 33 against Chris Jericho as chronicled on WWE 365 (in a famous moment documented on the show, Owens asked Vince after the match, “are we good” and Vince sternly replied, “No”). and how he has not been able to get back on track ever since then.
On how there is more to what happened with him and Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 33 and after than people know: “I think a lot of it needs to stay between Vince and I actually, to be honest, but it wasn’t just that night. There was so much over the months that happened after that that made me question myself as a performer, maybe question my place in WWE, and then ultimately effected my life in every aspect because I’m so passionate about this.”
On how his first two years in WWE went great and then everything changed at WrestleMania 33: “I guess the weirdest part of it was that up until that point, everything was going great for those two first years there, or whatever, year and a half. I started in WWE, I was working with John Cena right away and we were killing it, and then I kept going up and then I went from that to the Intercontinental Title to working with Dean Ambrose to my first WrestleMania and then me and Sami [Zayn] had our story together and then the Universal Title, so it was like everything seemed to be going up and up and up, just like anybody in this industry would want it to. And I would always come back to positive, literally always come back to positive feedback, until that one night, and then everything switched.”
On how he is continuing to struggle to find what WWE wants him to be: “And then it was like trying to catch up. And at one point it felt like, and I’m not saying that other people or Vince or anybody else were making me feel this way, I Just felt like, it felt like I wasn’t doing anything right. Because I was trying to find myself, after WrestleMania, after that match, I tried to kind of change things about my personality or my character or whatever, and even the way I wrestled, to be more in line with what the company needed me to be or the show needed me to be, but it was hard because I wasn’t finding it. And ya know, if anything, I still feel like I’m struggling to find it. Because there is a balance between what I was for those first two years and then what I’ve been since, and what, I guess, the show needs me to be for the people in charge. But it’s hard for me to find that balance, so it’s been a struggle since that moment I’d say.”Click Here: cheap adidas women shoes

Impact Wrestling’s Rob Van Dam shows up on Raw Reunion

Rob Van Dam, who is currently under contract with Impact Wrestling, appeared at the Raw Reunion show in full gear but did not wrestle.
RVD showed up along with Sgt. Slaughter, The Hurricane, and Kurt Angle to prevent Sami Zayn from walking out from his match against Rey Mysterio. Just minutes earlier, Zayn voiced his complaints about such programs and said that this feels like watching the Attitude Era through the Face App!
As Zayn escaped the 619 and started walking out, RVD’s theme song hit to a massive pop from the crowd. After the other three Legends joined in, Zayn went back in the ring, received the 619 and then Mysterio hit the five-star frog splash to finish Zayn in honor of Van Dam.
Van Dam recently rejoined Impact Wrestling and was last seen on WWE TV in 2014.

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WWE NXT Live Event Results – August 2, 2019 – Melbourne, Florida

-The show opened with a ten-bell salute to Harley Race.
1. The Brit-Am Brawlers defeated Dexter Lumis and Elliott Sexton
2. Kona Reeves defeated Bronson Reed
3. Tegan Nox and Xia Li defeated Aliyah and Vanessa Borne
-Daniel Vidot cuts a promo, but is interrupted by Dexter Lumis. Vidot lays Lumis out with a Spear.
4. Arturo Ruas defeated Denzel DeJournette
5. Matt Riddle defeated Ridge Holland
6. Raul Mendoza defeated Kassius Ohno
7. Team 3.0 defeated Cezar Bononi and Mansoor
8. Marina Shafir defeated Taynara Conti
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Early Rumored Card For Clash of Champions Next Month (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, these appear to be the matches WWE is planning for Clash of Champions at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 14:
– Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Braun Strowman
– WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton
– Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
– Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Big E & Xavier Woods (c) vs. The Revival
The Observer notes that New Day vs. Revival was pitched to Vince McMahon but he’s yet to actually approve of it for the card. The rule for Clash of Champions is that all titles will be defended.
In another note, there are currently 490 secondary market tickets available for a price of $43, and tickets at the box office still available for $22.50 for the event. The event isn’t sold out yet with plenty of lower-priced seats available.Click Here:

Goldberg on his match with The Undertaker

Goldberg Opens Up About His Botched Match Against The Undertaker
Goldberg was recently interviewed on “The Hall of Fame” show with Booker T and Brad Gilmore. During the interview, Goldberg was asked about his match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.
Goldberg spoke about the spot during the match where he hit the turnbuckle. This led to him knocking himself out. Goldberg says that he went overboard, which led to him hitting the post too hard.
“If I’m gonna be a defensive lineman that was an all-American, if I’m gonna be a guy that played a couple of years in the NFL, if I’m gonna be a guy that is known to be a thrasher, I’m not gonna run into a turnbuckle and miss it and act like it killed me. I can’t do that, so I have to make it look as close to it killing me as possible. And sometimes, unfortunately, the circumstances are such that I go a little overboard.”
Goldberg also says that some people backstage in WWE predicted that it would happen because he failed that turnbuckle spot during his WCW days:
“A couple of the bookers came up to me afterwards and said, ‘We called it, we knew you were gonna do that’ because fifty percent of the time that I’ve done that spot, I’ve not had good results.”Click Here:

Jon Moxley Is Reportedly Injured

in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Moxley is currently dealing with an injury.
Here is what Meltzer wrote:
“Jon Moxley has some kind of an elbow injury. It may be an infection that he got in Japan. He worked shows this weekend for Northeast Wrestling and with the exception of the 8/16 show in Poughkeepsie, his singles bouts were made tags.
He pretty much insisted on doing his singles match with Pentagon Jr., and was very careful not to bump on the elbow.”Click Here:

WWE official announcement about launching a podcast network

WWE is temaing up with Endeavor Audio to create its own podcast network with several shows focused on its wrestlers, although it hasn’t revealed what the shows will be. That will be announced at another time. WWE currently works with Endeavor Streaming to power the WWE Network. Endeavor Audio already works with the Bella Twins on their Bellas Podcast.Click Here: