Adele Dedicates a Song to the London Terror Attack Victims

Following Wednesday’s terror attack in London that left five dead and approximately 40 injured, British celebrities are speaking out in support of their nation’s capital. James Corden and Queen Elizabeth were among the famous Brits to offer their condolences to the those affected and Adele joined in from across the globe where’s she on tour in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Today there was a terror attack in my hometown of London,” Adele said during a performance Thursday. “I’m on the other side of the world and I want them to see our lights and to hear us. It’s very strange not being home. All I want to do today is be at home with my friends and family. Everyone’s fine, but there are four people who aren’t fine so let’s dedicate this to them tonight.”

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The Grammy-winner then went on to sing a moving rendition of “Make You Feel My Love.” From her seat in Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium, concert-goers managed to catch the heart-felt moment on video (below).

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Our hearts continue to go out to Great Britain during this trying time.