Backlash PPV Notes; Ashley Comments On WrestleMania XXIV, More

– WWE has put their Backlash sub-site online. The site features desktop wallpaper, Backlash PPV history, and the current card featuring the confirmed matches. You can check it out at this link.

– Ashley Massaro has posted a new blog on her MySpace page. In it, she comments on WrestleMania XXIV by saying, “Hi! So, wow, Wrestlemania…was…HUGE! That was probably one of the most awesomest experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. Just being there, I mean BEING there for Ric’s retirement, I mean, this is just wow, Ric has always been such a great friend AND the life of the party since I arrived here at WWE and its so heartbreaking to see him go, but it really was pretty amazing to be there for his final match against Shawn. And as for our match, it was amazing I mean truly amazing to wrestle out there under the stars and the fireworks with close to 80,000 people there. It was sick! I mean what a rush. I had a match last year agaisnst Melina at Mania at Ford Field and there were 80k people there too but didnt this Mania just FEEL BIGGER??? It did to me, I walked back soooooo slow after the match trying to take it all in. I know it sounds silly to describe it this way but I’m glad someone was recording it because it prob will be one of the best memories of my entire life.” Click here to read the blog in its entirety.

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