Benoit WWE 24/7 Update, Teddy Hart Trying To Get In WWE; Mike McGuirk

sources: Wrestling Observer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding WWE 24/7 and Chris Benoit matches/segments, the editing is likely due to your local cable system, and not WWE. The main feed on the shows come from WWE headquarters, and a few cable systems have shown the Benoit match from the 2/10/97 Nitro. So well, WWE’s sending out the feed with the Benoit matches and segments intact, but the cable systems are the ones editing them out. If this is the case, perhaps the Benoit matches/segments will resume on WWE 24/7 everywhere when this major mainstream story eventually fades away and the cable companies forget about it. Furthermore, the Benoit vs. MVP match at WrestleMania 23 is also intact on some cable systems.

Teddy Hart has moved to Tampa in hopes of landing a developmental contract with WWE. WWE’s new developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, is based out of Tampa.

As noted earlier, Mike McGuirk, the blonde female WWF ring announcer in the late 80s and early 90s, was brought in as a guest ring announcer for the Cade & Murdoch vs. Kendrick & London tag team title match at the 6/23 Raw house show in College Station, Texas. She was thrilled to be asked to do it. Unfortunately, only a few wrestlers in the locker room and very few of the road agents even knew who she was. Regarding the road agents, many of the current ones were in WCW or elsewhere when she was in the WWF, so that might explain as to why they weren’t familiar with her. In a recent blog, Jim Ross noted that she was doing real estate.

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