Final Readers' Survey: 50% for Hillary Clinton, 36% for Jill Stein, 7% to Write-In Bernie

Hillary Clinton has grown her lead over Jill Stein in the most recent survey of Common Dreams’ US readers who are likely to vote in Tuesday’s election.

Clinton is now favored by 50.3 percent (up from 42.2% in September), support for Stein now sits at 36.1 percent (down from 36.3% in September). And, 7.1 percent (down from 13.4% in August) say they plan to write-in Bernie Sanders name.

We also asked our readers to prioritize which issues they feel are the most important. The three issues our readers rated the highest: overturning Citizens’ United; enacting single-payer healthcare and ending subsidies to fossil fuel companies. (see issue charts below)

This survey of a sampling of Common Dreams’ US readers was conducted Thursday and Friday, Nov. 3-4. Previously, we surveyed our readers Sept. 7-9 and Aug.3-5.


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We asked our readers to help us prioritize the issues that our news team should focus on in the coming months. Here’s what they think: