God Has Finally Listened To Our Prayers, Four-Day Working Week Could Soon Be A Reality!

Many of us begin our Monday with the hangover of the previous weekend or plans about the next one. People who work from Monday to Friday (or any other five days of the week)tendto lose steam by the third day of the week; their wishful thinking makes them dream about an extra off.

At times they hit the jackpot when there is an official holiday in a week and the total number of working days reduce to four days only.

We all love a shorter week, don’t we?

Well, our wishes may soon come true as the people sitting on top of the management heap are discussing a four-day week already. If the reports emerging from the World Economic Forum are to be believed, CEOs are in talks with policy makers, sociologists and psychologists to make it a reality. The pros and cons are being discussed. Going by the heart, you must already be counting the pros.Click Here: geelong cats guernsey 2019