Jim Ross Defends Chris Jericho Being The First AEW World Champion

During the latest instalment of the Busted Open Radio, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on Chris Jericho being the first AEW World Champion. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

On Jericho being the first AEW World Champion:

“When you’re a main event guy and closing the show, you’re doing it for a reason. Hopefully that reason is because you’ve earned that spot and you can deliver. Jericho can always deliver and the issue of ageism in that he’s in his late 40s – and that’s the reason that we’re not making him the champion – that’s a lame reason,” stated Ross.

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“Our champion has name identity and it’s a name that people understand and know. The other thing is that he can have a good-to-great match with just about anybody. That versatility is important for the champion to have. He also can handle the pressure; he can do a lot of things that are gonna be required for the new AEW champion. So, I didn’t have a problem with it.”

On why AEW had the correct match headline ALL OUT:

“If you have that [other]match after the ladder match, it gives fans a chance to regroup, go to the can, go get a hot dog or beer, then come back and settle back in for the main event. In hindsight that’s probably what I would have done. But I thought they followed it well,” said Ross.

“At the end of the match, did they have the audience? They meaning Jericho and Hangman, and they did. So I had no issues with it. Guys you know everything is subject – there’s a lot of right ways to do a finish or end a match – and sometimes when those decisions are made, and you don’t agree with them as a fan, you take liberties to start gutting and quartering people. I thought Jericho was a good choice and I’ve got no second guesses on that deal.”

On ALL OUT possibly being too long:

“I don’t know if we set the table as good as we could for Jericho and Page in that last match. Again, the show was very long, maybe too long and the fans were tired and had peaked. But they got back into it thanks to the work of those two guys in the last match.”

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