Lady Gaga’s Final Dive Bar Concert Brought Out All the Glitter: Watch It Here

Go big or go home: that’s the Lady Gaga motto. The multi-hyphenate brought down the house at Los Angeles’s The Satellite, ending her Dive Bar Tour on a high note—mixing politics, high-octane music, and serious dance moves.

For the tour’s final show, she sang two tunes from Joanne that she hadn’t previously performed live: “Come to Mama” and “John Wayne.” She brought Mark Ronson onstage for her rendition of hit single “A-YO” and literally turned the Silver Lake mainstay into a dance party.

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Gaga had a major moment to celebrate, as her song “Million Reasons” took its spot at No.1 on the U.S. iTunes download chart. She thanked her fans all around the world for making that happen. “When I saw that, I felt so heard as a woman. And you know what? If I’m heard, that means that you’re heard,” Gaga stated from behind her keyboard. “So I just wanted to tell all those women and men who bought it that I can hear you. I can hear you and every time I sing this song, I can hear you in my heart singing with me.”

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The show then took a more serious note as Gaga’s words turned to politics and the upcoming presidential election. “I wrote this song about people loving each other and taking care of each other. And you know, the election is coming up,” said the star before performing “Angel Down”—a tune she has divulged was written in memory of slain teenager Trayvon Martin. “I really hope that is a peaceful day, as much as it can be. Not everybody is gonna vote for the same person. Everybody has different ideas and thoughts and that’s okay. We don’t have to hate each other because of that. What we have to do is come together and the reason is because there are a lot of people suffering and there are too many angels down. So let’s not focus on the hate.” Gaga then added “Trayvon Angel” to the song’s final lyrics.

And before belting out her hit song “Perfect Illusion”, the New York City-born singer and actress talked a bit about the anthem’s meaning. “I must have written for a whole year before we got into the studio,” Gaga divulged. “We thought about you every day that we wrote this music. When we made this song we just thought it was a beautiful song and an honest song, but after this record came out and everybody heard this music and came to my father’s restaurant in New York, Joanne, to celebrate, I saw a look in my dad’s eyes that I’ve never seen in my whole life. Because when my dad was really young he lost his sister, Joanne.”

Gaga always felt that her father’s more lighthearted and playful side had disappeared with the passing of her aunt, but with this album, she saw something in him that she had never seen before. “I hope that when you hear it when you’re with your families and you think of the loss that you’ve had or the pending loss, I hope this song can heal you like it healed my family.”

It will be just a few weeks before we see the superstar perform on our television screens, as she’s set to hit the 2016 American Music Awards stage on Nov. 20. Gaga will then headline the Super Bowl in Houston on Feb. 5.

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The songbird streamed her last Dive Bar Tour show via Facebook Live.

Check out the performance in the above video.

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