Marchionne ‘still shopping’ for alternatives to F1

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne is keeping his threat to quit F1 on the back-burner following last week’s meeting in Bahrain between Liberty Media and the sport’s teams.

F1’s commercial rights holder revealed its vision of the future, complete with a series of financial changes set to tack hold from 2021.

Under the new regime, Ferrari would retain a heritage bonus payment but one that would be reduced, while a new prize money structure would also result in less income for the top teams as F1 works to put together a more equitable distribution of prize money.

    F1 aims to lower the ‘drawbidge’ to attract new suppliers – Brawn

Speaking to the Agence France-Presse, Marchionne is keeping a close watch on developments and keeping Ferrari’s options open, including one which could lead to the departure of Ferrari from F1.

‘If there are any proposals that distort F1, I think Ferrari will pull out… we are working with Liberty Media to find acceptable solutions,” said Marchionne.

“We had a proposal from Liberty 10 days ago, we expect to know the details and then we will make choices in the interest of Ferrari,” he added.

“We could look for alternative solutions, it’s not a threat, but it does not mean we stop shopping.”

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