NWA Power results: New National Champion crowned

Nick Aldis opened the show, and said he wanted to discuss an affliction he has been dealing with for a long time – all he knows how to do is win. He doesn’t know how to do anything else, pointing out that he beat Aron Stevens at Back for the Attack, and how Strictly Business won last week too.

Davis asked if Adonis was joining Strictly Business, and Aldis said that they were getting ahead of themselves. As they were talking, Trevor Murdoch came out and confronted Aldis for teaming with him last week after condemning him in the opening promo. Murdoch said that he was in a hospital for a week because of Adonis, and he couldn’t collect pay for his family.

Murdoch demanded another match with Adonis that is no DQ, no countout, and he’ll put the NWA National title on the line. Aldis was offended that Murdoch cut him off, and said the last thing he wants to do if he is worried about missing work is to cross him.

Aldis then reminded him of the number one rule that Harley Race taught them both – never turn your back on your opponent. Chris Adonis came out and attacked Murdoch and beat him down, while Aldis looked on with joy. Referees came out to break it up, and a doctor came out to check on Murdoch.

Fantastic opening segment. Murdoch was able to walk out, but he was clearly hurt again, making this feud even more personal.


Aron Stevens and Kratos were backstage with May Valentine. Stevens talked about Joseph Hudson again, and how he changed his life. Sal Rinauro came onto the screen and asked for a World Tag Team title shot, and Stevens agreed, but said that he better be prepared, as this is the NWA.

Sliced Boogie defeated Jeremiah Plunkett

Good squash match here that further got Sliced Boogie over.

Boogie kept control for most of the match, except for a brief moment with a heat segment from Plunkett. Boogie hit a nice springboard back elbow, but missed a middle rope elbow that allowed Plunkett to get the heat. Plunkett hit a spinebuster for a two count, and then locked in a sleeper on Boogie.

Boogie got out with a back suplex, and nailed Plunkett with a clothesline and a Gotch piledriver (the Deadass Driver) for the pinfall.


Tyrus  (with Austin Idol) defeated Matthew Mims

The wrong guy won this match, as Tyrus worked over Mims with his horrible offense.

Tyrus caught Mims on a crossbody and slammed him before hitting an elbow and locking on the classic NERVE HOLD~! Mims got out and hit a few headbutts to shake Tyrus. Tyrus hit an exploder and a terrible chokeslam for the pinfall.


Fred Rosser and Pope were at the podium. Rosser talked about how Pope was not ready for him because he was taking the TV title. Pope said that he knew Rosser for a long time, and remembered Rosser asking him for advice backstage at shows, which Rosser said off mic that “that was then, this is now”. They formally announced the match as the main event for next week. Great stuff.


Thunder Rosa & Alex Gracia defeated Skye Blue and Jennacide by disqualification

This match was billed as a “Ladies Celebration Match” as Rosa brought in some young talent to the NWA to give them a chance. Blue, Jennacide, and Gracia were all green, but Rosa went out of her way to try and make them all look good.

Skye Blue started the match with Rosa. Blue was clearly green, but there is something there. Rosa rolled with her for some submissions back and forth, staying on top the whole time. Rosa tagged Gracia in, who hit a weak chop on Blue, but Rosa tagged back in and hit one of her own that was brutal.

Rosa and Gracia exchanged quick tags back and forth to keep the advantage. Jennacide was extremely green, but has a unique look and was the biggest woman in the match. She did power moves, including doing some squats while holding Gracia up for a slam. Rosa got the hot tag, but ate a spear from Kamille who ran out for the DQ.

Melina, who was on commentary, came over the ring and started yelling at Kamille. Rosa pulled her away, and as Kamille turned around she came face to face with Jennacide. Both of them were the same size.


Nick Aldis was on commentary for the main event. Joe Galli wanted to address something before the match: would Tim Storm wrestle again? The answer was yes, as Storm is not done yet, but he didn’t want to take away from Aldis as champion and made no excuses – Aldis beat him for the title, even if he doesn’t like how Aldis acts.

Aldis gave a warning to Storm, saying that he was glad that he hadn’t retired, but that he needed to watch his mouth about him and Strictly Business. Looks like we might be getting Aldis and Storm one more time down the line, which I am perfectly fine with.

No DQ: Chris Adonis defeated Trevor Murdoch to win the NWA National title

The story of the match was that Murdoch had an injured neck, so while he was tough, he had little chance against the uninjured Adonis. It was a fast match, but told a great story.

Murdoch came out wearing a neck brace, which Aldis asked if it were wise for him to wrestle with that on. Adonis slammed Murdoch on the floor, as Aldis talked about how Murdoch shouldn’t be out there due to the injury, even though he played a role in it happening.

Adonis worked over the neck for the next few minutes, locked on the Masterlock and hit a full nelson slam. Adonis then picked him up and locked on the Masterlock again, and Murdoch passed out, becoming the new champion via ref stoppage.

Aldis said that this made Adonis an associate of Strictly Business, and that he wanted to celebrate the success of Adonis. Tim Storm looked on in disgust as the show closed.

Final Thoughts:

Really solid episode of NWA Power here, with lots of storylines being hinted at for the future. The one that compels me the most is the real tension we can see between Tim Storm and Nick Aldis. It’s clear Storm is disgusted by the heelish actions of Aldis, but it hasn’t gotten to the point of where he is willing to fight.

I think this is a classic slow burn, where we will see Tim Storm leave the announce desk to take on Strictly Business eventually, possibly ending with Nick Aldis and Tim Storm wrestling for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship one last time. I loved this. 

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I also loved how they’re positioning Thunder Rosa as someone that wants to give new talent a shot on every show. She’s a wonderful babyface, in contrast to Kamille, who selfishly wants all the attention on her.

Lots of good stuff on this episode with future feuds being developed. I’m excited for what the NWA has in store for us down the line.