NWA Power Surge results: Remembering Joseph Hudson

Episode four of Power Surge saw us go back in time to three different places in NWA history. Joseph Hudson’s life was also honored.

Joe Galli welcomed us, revealing that this episode is dedicated to the late Joseph Hudson, aka the Question Mark and Jocephus. Galli reflected on some of his favorite memories with Hudson and Billy Corgan revealed Hudson was the first person he called when he bought the promotion. 

Marshe Rockett defeated Jeremiah Plunkett 

Plunkett tried to show some aggression early, but Rockett shut that down rather quickly. Rockett had the crowd behind him and was able to lay in some great offense before Plunkett caught up to him. 

Plunkett attempted a discus forearm in the middle of the bout that Rockett ducked. Rockett followed with a stunning standing dropkick that altered the course of the match. A few moments later, Rockett won with a cutter. 

Jordan Clearwater defeated Papa Jive and Rush Freeman in a triple threat match

Clearwater and Jive stomped out Freeman to start so they could go at it themselves. Both guys had a great exchange with high octane offense. Clearwater was the last man standing when Freeman rolled back in the ring, but that didn’t last for long.

Freeman went to work on both guys and this practically turned into a two-on-one match. Freeman got too focused with Jive so when there was an opening, Clearwater hit a pump kick on Jive and pinned him while Freeman was distracted. 

David Arquette & Tim Storm defeated The Kingdom of Jocephus (Jocephus & The Spiritual Advisor) in a hair vs. hair match

This was from New Year’s Clash in January 2019.

Arquette and Storm had to drag Jocephus in the ring when the match started and wasted no time beating him down. Arquette and Jocephus slugged it out in the ring which led to Arquette getting beat down. Arquette would eventually make the hot tag to Storm, much to the crowd’s amusement. 

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Storm beat down Jocephus for a minute before tagging Arquette back in, assisting him on a frog splash for the win. The Spiritual Advisor never got in the match. The Advisor tried to volunteer for the haircut, but it turned out she was bald. Jocephus got his hair cut off to the crowd’s delight.