Omega Says He’s Still the Best in the World

As previously reported, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega won the AAA Mega Championship at the AAA Heroes Inmortales XIII event last Saturday after beating Fenix. AEW released some new post-match comments from Omega commenting on the win, which you can see below. Omega stated the following in the promo: 
“Call me a man that believes a little too much in his own hype. I told everybody that believed in me, I’m still the best around. I’m still the best in the world. I’m still the only one making records that will never, ever be broken, try and try as they may. I don’t care what the critics say! I don’t care what the popular in crowd says. I don’t care what anyone says. The facts and the numbers don’t lie. Kenny Omega is and always has up to this point been the best in the world. And don’t think that I’ve forgot about you, Mox. Oh no. This entire time, I’ve been thinking to myself, what would you do in a situation when you left your comfort zone and went to the G1, how did it feel to try and be like me? How did it feel for you to be like everyone else? You know what I’m talking about. Their’s pretenders(?) everywhere. They’re desperately trying to be like me, and you are one of them. I didn’t feel that today. I didn’t feel like I was trying to be anyone else. This felt like the Kenny Omega of old. This felt like the guy that does whatever he wants, and the things that he does are things that no one else can do and no one else will ever do again. I’ll be back on TV, that’s right, AEW Dynamite, this Wednesday. Don’t think that a couple marks and a couple marks, and a couple scrapes and a couple bruises are going to keep me away from you. Fenix, I feel like maybe this is far from over. But that’s OK. Today, you gave me the workout of a lifetime, and I never felt better. But with every good feeling comes an end, and so I must bid you adieu. So until next time ladies and gentlemen, goodbye and *kiss* goodnight.” 

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