One of Taker’s tattoo artist: “very polite guy, very serious guy, but very friendly”

Paul Booth, a tattoo artist who worked on some ink for The Undertaker, did an interview with Loudwire and talked about meeting The Deadman for the first time and working on tattoos for him.
First meeting with The Undertaker: “That was the first-time—I believe—I met him. Very quiet guy, very in character. Quiet, big, menacing guy, he had to duck and turn sideways to walk into the hotel room. I remember thinking, ‘Holy crap, this guy is huge.’ … The Undertaker’s a guy that really only speaks when he had something to say. As I remember it, ya know? I mean we’ve had great conversations, very polite guy, very serious guy, but very friendly. You see him being The Undertaker in real life, ‘Yeah, that’s The Undertaker.’ He still has that vibe, I mean it’s very genuine.”
The tattoo he gave The Undertaker: “I tattooed his bicep. The demon I drew was inspired by him, because of the way he would come into his victim [during the pin] and kind of had that thing going on. So, I did this tattoo of a demon kind of lurching forward, not him, but inspired by him. And I remember his arm was so huge it was like doing a back piece, I couldn’t even wrap my hand around it.”
Working on Taker’s ink: “He just sat down, and didn’t move. I—of course—asked the question, ‘Is that s— real?’ And he’s like, ‘I’m a hurtin’ motherf—er, man.’
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