Paige Opens Up about Triple H’s Bad Joke About her Sex Tapes

Paige was on the latest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and discussed how she feels about Triple H’s apology for the joke he made about her, as well as how the joke itself wasn’t what upset her. Highlights are below.
On how she feels about Triple H’s apology for the joke he made about her: “It definitely takes like a real man or woman to admit a mistake that they made and to publicly go out there and obviously apologize, it takes a lot. Because sometimes you truly don’t mean to offend someone, obviously, and in today’s age, people can get offended a lot. And I don’t mind jokes, honestly, I really don’t. Backstage, I’ll joke all the time, I was like, you can throw these jokes at me, I joke about myself, I don’t care. But if it’s in the media, then it just opens doors to strangers to do it and that’s not OK, because then I just feel like these people on the internet are now bullying me again, here comes the cyberbullying that I just got over too. Because you end up being like, chill, there was maybe like one douchebag, you know you always get one, like once a week, that will send something to me or say something mean about it, but it was really good, the rest of them was really positive, and then all of a sudden it’s just back to square one again and you’re like, common, when can I get a break. But this time around, I’ve grown a lot since then and I know what to expect and I know how to make myself feel better.”
On how she wasn’t upset by the joke itself: “He was just joking, like I know it was a throwaway joke, and honestly, I wouldn’t be offended by it if it was just us, no cameras around, just backstage and people are joking, I would probably find it funny. The joke itself didn’t really upset me as much as it did the open doors for people to just attack me again, and I just wanted that door to be closed and for people to slowly forget about it, but now, just like ignite it again, and now I’m just like, again, I’m like, people are not going to remember me about this stuff, they’re just gonna remember me now because of this joke that came out and how these videos came about. I wish people would just let it go. If my family can do it, my partner can do it, I wish strangers [could do it].”Click Here: cheap nsw blues jersey