Paulo Fonseca ‘uncomfortable’ with Portuguese ref selection for Lille-Angers

Speaking ahead of Lille’s home match against Angers on Sunday, Lille manager Paulo Fonseca has expressed his discomfort at a Portuguese referee being appointed for the match, as he is uncomfortable with the prospect of a fellow countryman refereeing the match, with his team having also a strong Portuguese contingent.

“I have to admit I don’t like the situation,” explained the Portuguese head coach in his press conference, speaking French, “I think it is very difficult for a referee who comes from Portugal. Maybe it would be a good situation for another game. But for our game, I don’t like this situation. I’m Portuguese, we have a lot of Portuguese players, I think this is not good.”

Lille currently possess three Portuguese players: André Gomes, Tiago Djalo, and José Fonte. This is the same amount as Brazilians that are on the team with Ismaily, Alexsandro Ribeiro, and Leonardo César Jardim. This evidently makes six total players that can speak the same (or a variation of the) language that the referee speaks.

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