RAW Rating Drops, JBL Says He Loved "The Wrestler" Movie

— According to data compiled by Neilson Media Research, the January 5th, 2009 edition of WWE RAW drew a 3.4 rating. Both hours did 3.38’s. This number is down from last week’s 3.5.

— JBL has updated his WWE Universe blog with his first public comments regarding the new film “The Wrestler”.

JBL writes, “I thought it was awesome and extremely well written. This was the business I broke into many years ago. However, that business has changed – and for the better. In the last six months, I have had MRIs, concussion tests, HIV test, trauma test, drug test and even my cholesterol tested – which was the only one I failed.”

He added, “This business in WWE is really a corporate environment these days – it has changed for the better. I am glad for my old days, I wouldn’t change a thing. But the WWE has done so much to clean up the abuse that the business as I knew it was so known for. All that being said, I loved the movie. Even with all the negative stereotypes in the movie, this was a part of what I did to get to WWE and it was fun to watch. A little scary to watch, but fun.”

To read the entire blog (including JBL’s reaction to Democrat Al Franken winning the Minnisota Senate seat), visit WWE.com.

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