Red Bull adds technical director role to team structure

Red Bull Racing has created a new post of technical director to bolster its development team in 2018.

Adrian Newey remains Red Bull’s chief technical officer. But he will now be joined by Pierre Wache in the new role.

Wache started his Formula 1 career at Michelin before moving to Sauber in 2006. He joined Red Bull in 2013, and was most recently the chief engineer responsible for performance issues.

“It’s part of our evolution,” Horner told in Barcelona. “Adrian remains CTO, Pierre has moved into a central role as technical director.”

Horner said that the changes did not mean a further reduced role for Newey.

“These regulations have definitely got Adrian’s creative juices flowing,” he told Sky Sports News. “He’s contributing well into the team, and enjoying these regulations.”

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However Newey does have interests outside of Formul1 1, which is why Red Bull have decided to support him with the new technical director position.

“Obviously [Adrian] is spinning a couple of plates at the moment with the Aston Martin road car projects and F1,” Horner agreed. “But it’s great to see him motivated and enjoying F1 again.”

Other key technical personnel remain unchanged, with Rob Marshall remaining as chief engineering officer and Dan Fallows still acting as head of aerodynamics.

Similarly, Paul Monaghan will continue in his role of chief engineer responsible for car engineering.

His time at Michelin made Wache a tyre and mechanical specialist, after he had initially completed a PhD in fluid mechanics. It gives the Frenchman a complimentary set of skills to those of Newey.

“I understand what this position represents,” Wache told L’Equipe. “And the risk that comes with it.

“I won’t say it scares me,” he insisted. “But I know the results that are asked with it. And I would like to show that I’m capable of achieving them.”

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