Red Bull not interested in Le Mans involvement

Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko says the energy drinks company won’t be heading to Le Mans anytime soon.

As the owner of two teams, Red Bull enjoys a massive presence in Formula 1 but the Austrian company has always steered clear of any involvement in the World Endurance Championship, and Marko explains why.

“We are concentrated on Formula 1. If you look at it, the costs are very high for the championship, but there’s only one race that matters or is covered,” he told Spain’s El Confidencial.

When asked if Red Bull would even consider a major team sponsorship deal at Le Mans, he added: “No.”

As for Red Bull’s plight in F1 this year, Marko insisted that the brand has not given up on the title despite clearly trailing Mercedes and Ferrari so far.

“No,” he said, “otherwise we would not be making the effort that we are.

“But this power unit in Formula 1 is not a normal engine,” Marko continued.

“So if your combustion system is better, the electrical part is better.

“After the first four races Ferrari seemed like the big favourite, but it seems that in Barcelona Mercedes took a big leap with the engine.

“You change the engine and ‘bang!’, you take a big leap again,” he said.


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