Renee Young posts statement reflecting on time with WWE

Update —

Renee Young has also written a letter to her WWE family for the Players’ Tribune.


Following her final night with the company, Renee Young posted a statement reflecting on her time with WWE:

This November would mark 8 years in WWE. 8 years!! An opportunity of a lifetime with a global company to learn, grow, make history and do things beyond my wildest dreams before I left Toronto for this adventure. I made friends, family- literally family- I met my husband here (what a f*cking dreamboat) and people that will be a part of my life forever. I did things I couldn’t have even imagined or dreamt up. From backstage interviews, a reality show, Talking Smack, being the first woman to be a part of a WWE broadcast in Saudi Arabia, tbeing the first woman to sit at the commentary desk full time on Monday Night Raw, calling Wrestlemania, anchoring a brand new show with Fox Sports (which you guys will still be able to catch me on!) I’ve been so lucky. But it’s also been a lot of my hard work, drive and passion that’s landed me in these amazing spots. I’ve had such an incredible run with WWE. It’s changed my life. But that all leads me to now. What’s next? Do I stay satisfied with what I’ve done? Or do I go in pursuit of new barriers and goals in mind? I always choose the latter. I have no idea what that means or looks like, but it’s time for me to go. Time to roll the dice again and shake things up. Time to light that fire again and forge on. Time to say bye to Renee Young and reconnect with Renee Paquette and remember why I started this journey to begin with. And as the ride slows down- as the world slows down, I see it as my opportunity to make a move. So I just wanted to say thanks to WWE and to the all the fans that have been so damn cool to me over the years. And send a crap ton of love to all of my people. I’m excited for the future! Thanks for everything

Young also tweeted today: “Also thanks to all of the cool dudes who hung out last night and sent my ass home with a gnarly hangover. Love ya!”

On Sunday night’s SummerSlam pre-show, Young confirmed that it was her “last hurrah” with WWE. At the end of the pre-show broadcast, Charly Caruso spoke about the respect and appreciation everyone has for Young. Caruso said she speaks for the panel and everyone behind the curtains in thanking Young for everything she’s done for WWE. Young then thanked WWE and the fans.

OutKick first reported last week that Young was expected to leave WWE but would still be working SummerSlam.

In addition to being part of last night’s pre-show, Young made an appearance on the SummerSlam edition of WWE Watch Along.