Rosa Mendes Says She's Looking For A Husband, Talks About Her WWE Goals

The following are highlights of a new E! Online interview with WWE Diva and the newest addition to the Total Divas cast, Rosa Mendes:

On wanting to become the WWE Divas Champion: “My passion is being in the ring. So now with being on Total Divas I have a lot more opportunities to have matches and eventually go for the title. It’s a dream for all us Divas to have that title. The more practice and matches I get, the more of a chance I’ll get to run for that title.”

On looking for a husband: “I’ve been single for a year and a half. I’ve gone through some struggles but I’m getting my life together and my career. All these beautiful things are happening in my life but I’m missing that one thing: a significant other to share all this with. I’m looking for a husband. I’m going on dates but I am looking for the one and I’m very honest with every guy I go on a date with. I tell them what I want and sometimes it may scare them away and sometimes they may like it. There’s a few guys that are cute that I’m friends with so we’ll see.”

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