'The World Will Be Shocked': Greenwald on Upcoming NSA Exposé

“The world will be shocked” by the next story on the National Security Agency’s vast spying operations, said Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist leading the exposure—made possible by leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden—of the agency’s far-reaching surveillance.

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Speaking Tuesday morning with conservative host Eric Bolling on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Greenwald hinted that a new NSA story was forthcoming and potentially explosive. 

When asked if he was ready to unveil a new NSA scoop, Greenwald responded:

Greenwald also gave a preview of this next exposé over the weekend during a speech given to the Socialism 2013 conference, saying it would report on “a brand new technology [that] enables the National Security Agency to redirect into its own repositories one billion cell phones calls every single day.”

The example the Obama administration is setting with Snowden, Greenwald explained to Bolling, is to give a warning to future whistleblowers that the repercussions will be swift and harsh.