Video Of El Local's WWE TV Debut, Update On Superstar's Rumored Suspension

– Over the weekend, we posted a video of a recent NXT television broadcast where announcer William Regal implied that Hunico has been suspended. Regal stated:

“Camacho is usually out here with his partner Hunico, but Hunico’s not here and I’m not allowed to say why. He’s in a little trouble, and he got into a little extra curricular activities and causing a bit of grief to people, and he’s not gonna be with us for awhile let’s put it that way.”

Upon checking with a WWE source, it appears that Hunico is actually injured – and Regal was apparently turning it into a storyline, playing up Hunico’s gimmick as a thug.

Regal has since tweeted the following update regarding the situation:

“As an announcer on NXT my job is to give people character and sometimes embellish tales in our world. I have no hidden agenda.”

– You may have read in recent weeks that Ricardo Rodriguez has been occasionally wrestling under a mask as the lucha libre character, El Local. This weekend’s episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam featured the television debut of El Local in a match against Sin Cara:

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