Violent Gun Battle Shatters Short-Lived Truce in Ukraine

A brokered Easter weekend truce in Ukraine that followed on an international agreement designed to reduce tensions last week was shattered early Sunday morning when a gun battle in the eastern part of the country resulted in the death of several people.

Early details vary on the exact number of people who may have been killed near the city of Slavyansk with Reuters reporting that “at least two” local pro-Russian fighters were dead while other agencies put the number at five or more killed on both sides.

The deal reached in Geneva on Thursday by top diplomats from the U.S., Russia, the EU, and Ukraine interim government in Kiev called for pro-Russian separatists who have seized government buildings and built barricades in numerous eastern Ukraine cities to lay down their arms and return home. On Friday, however, most of the protesters said they would continue to maintain their encampments until they were granted the referendums central to their demands.

According to the Guardian:

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Reuters adds:

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