WWE Dominates Searches, Howard Stern Mocks Young, Eric The Midget/TNA

-The number one overall most searched for item in the United States this past Sunday was “WWE.” On Saturday, the number one overall search in the U.S. was “UFC.” For those keeping track, more people searched for “WWE” on Sunday than “UFC” on Saturday.

-Mainstream coverage of the Darren Young situation continues, as the Howard Stern Show spent some time discussing it on their radio show this past Monday morning. Stern and his crew mainly took the opportunity to mock wrestling, noting it’s the perfect job for a homosexual because they are “half naked, oiled up guys who roll around on the ground together.”

-Speaking of the Stern show, on both Monday and Tuesday’s show, one of their “Wack Pack” characters, Eric The Midget (aka Eric The Actor) has been in somewhat of a “feud” with TNA Impact Wrestling star Bobby Roode. Roode has cut multiple promos on Eric, noting he’d like to beat his ass for being a miserable grump. He challenged Eric to come to Bound For Glory so he can kick his ass.

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