WWE house show report 4-17 Antwerp, Belgium

By Luuk van Egeraat

Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Randy Orton received the best babyface reactions while Luke Harper, Rusev and Rollins garnered the best heel reactions. 

1. Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper in 12 minutes by pin after a Dirty Deeds. The match got a great reaction from the crowd and Ambrose got a great babyface pop. 
2. Nikki Bella pinned Naomi for the Divas Championship in a lengthy yet standard Diva 8 minute match after a Rack Attack. Naomi cut a heel promo before the match and the Bellas worked the match as babyfaces. 
3. Stardust pinned Goldust with a roll-up while holding the ropes in a decent 10 minute match. Stardust got a mixed reaction as he came out but told the crowd the Royal Rumble 2016 would take place in this arena so they turned on him. Both men kicked out of the Cross Rhodes. Goldust got a great ovation after the match as he thanked the crowd.
4. John Cena pinned Rusev for the US Title after an Attitude Adjustment in a good, solid 13 minute match. John Cena got the best babyface pop of the whole night. The crowd was ear-deafening when he got the victory. Rusev was naturally over as a heel. 
– Intermission
5. The Primetime Players & Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension, Curtis Axel & Heath Slater in a very fun 12 minute match. Titus pinned Slater after his spinebuster finisher. The Lucha Dragons were very over.
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6. Ryback pinned Kane in a match of under 3 minutes after hitting Shell Shock. Kane got mixed reactions coming out but Ryback was unanimously over. They teased signatures and finishers for the whole match. It was alright for what it was.
7. Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins by DQ for the World Title after Noble & Mercury interfered after 23 minutes. This was the match of the night for everyone I talked to, definitely between very good and great. They both kicked out of an RKO and they teased the Phoenix Splash. Orton worked well as the babyface and Rollins got loud ‘you sold out’ chants and general heat during the entire match.