WWE SmackDown Live Results (10/17)

The October 17th edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the KeyArena in Seattle, WA.

– Tonight’s broadcast begins with Daniel Bryan coming out to the ring to a loud ovation from his hometown crowd. Michael Cole is filling in for Tom Phillips on SmackDown for Tom Phillips. We’re told Phillips will be “on assignment” for a few weeks. Bryan says tonight’s show will be special, as the crowd chants “welcome home.” Bryan announces a six-woman tag match featuring Natalya, Tamina & Lana vs. Naomi, Becky & Charlotte, and he announces Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler tonight in a rematch from Hell In A Cell. He also says WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has a special announcement tonight. Speaking of Hell In A Cell, Bryan says Sami Zayn disappointed him. Bryan starts talking about how he always wanted Zayn on SmackDown, and then Sami comes out to interrupt. Sami gets in the ring and says he’s still the same guy he always was, but he just took back control of his career. Zayn and Bryan go back and forth, with Zayn taking a shot at Bryan for no longer being an active wrestler. Sami gets booed, but he says he just doesn’t care what the fans think anymore and it feels amazing. Zayn says he used to look up to Bryan, but now Bryan is the last person he wants to be like. He calls Bryan a housewife, and then Kevin Owens comes out to interrupt with a smile on his face. Owens gets on the mic and says Zayn is finally taking his advice. Owens says he wants to clear up a few things. Owens says he also thinks of Bryan as Mr. Bella now, and that Bryan is a hypocrite. Bryan says Owens only cares about himself, and that Owens resents him because he does what’s best for the fans. Owens and Zayn continue to antagonize Bryan until Bryan storms off. Before he goes behind the curtain, Bryan says he’s going to find opponents for Owens and Zayn tonight.

– We see a video package recapping the recent history between Natalya and Charlotte.

– Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Natalya, Lana and Tamina Snuka: Carmella is on commentary for this one, with Ellsworth chained up beside her. The opening bell sounds and Natalya takes control of the match early on against Naomi. Naomi comes back with a kick and sends Natalya outside. Naomi hits a suicide dive to the outside, then back in the ring her and Natalya brawl back and forth. Becky tags in and starts working over Natalya’s arm. Becky hits a kick and an arm drag, then a leg drop for a two count. Natalya rolls outside for another breather. Tamina tags in and hits a superkick on Naomi. Lana comes in next and continues to work over Naomi. Lana hits Becky and swings at Charlotte on the apron. Charlotte tries to run in but the ref stops her, allowing the heels to hit some cheap shots on Naomi in their corner. Lana gets distracted talking trash to Charlotte, and Naomi comes back with kicks. Charlotte gets the hot tag and cleans house. Charlotte lays into Lana with chops then hits some knee drops and a T-bone suplex. Lana starts to fight back, but Charlotte shuts her down with a big boot. Charlotte goes for the Figure Four but Natalya breaks it up and throws Charlotte into the corner. Becky runs in and suplexes Natalya, then Tamina superkicks Becky. Naomi hits a cross body on Tamina an they both fall out to ringside. It’s down to Charlotte and Lana in the ring, and Charlotte locks in the Figure Four on Lana for the win via submission.

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Naomi

– After the match, Natalya beats down Charlotte around ringside and throws her into the announce table. Natalaya grabs a steel chair but misses and Charlotte chases off the Champion. Natalya retreats through the crowd as Becky stands beside Charlotte.

– Daniel Bryan approaches Zayn and Owens backstage and informs them that several superstars have volunteered to face them tonight. Bryan says Randy Orton is one of them, and the other is Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn and Owens storm off as Bryan smiles at them.

– And now for a Pulp Fiction-inspired edition of The Fashion Files with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Breeze chokes on a cheeseburger while interrogating The Ascension. The Ascension gives Breeze CPR in exchange for Breeze and Fandango being their friends. After he’s revived, Breeze realizes their briefcase is missing. The Ascension wants to “assemble” with Breezango to find the briefcase together, but Breeze and Fandango just walk off on their own instead.

– WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin is out to the ring next.

– Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara: This one is a non-title match. Corbin gets on the mic and asks the fans if he should make this a title shot, but says he won’t because he only cares about his own opportunities, and he says he U.S. Title Open Challenge is closed for good. The bell rings and Corbin takes Cara to the corner for strikes. Cara fights back and hits a dropkick that sends Corbin rolling outside. Corbin gets on the apron but Cara kicks him right back outside, then hits a suicide dive on Corbin on the floor. Cara keeps Corbin at ringside then goes up top, and Cara hits a big splash on Corbin on the floor. Cara rolls back in the ring, and Corbin gets counted out by the referee. Cara celebrates on the ramp as Corbin looks disgruntled at ringside.

Winner via Count Out: Sin Cara

– Tag Team Champions The Usos do an interview backstage where they address #1 contenders Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. the Usos say they feel good because they know they have the tag division on lock, and then Gable and Benjamin interrupt. They taunt the Usos and say they’ll take those Tag Titles real soon. Benjamin and Gable leave The Usos hanging on handshakes, and they walk off.

– WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is backstage with the Singh Brothers, and they’re heading towards the gorilla position.

– We see a new vignette promoting Erick Rowan and Luke Harper as The Bludgeon Brothers.

– Michael Cole cuts a promo for the new WWE 2K18 video game.

– A video package is shown highlighting Jinder Mahal’s promotional tour of India last week.

– Back to the ring, The Singh Brothers introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Jinder gets on the mic and talks about how he received a hero’s welcome in India last week. Jinder says he knows who he wants to face at Survivor Series, and that is none other than The Beast, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Jinder says he must beat The Beast, and then everyone must kiss his feet as he proves he’s the best champion of all time. On that note, AJ Styles comes out to interrupt. AJ says Jinder hasn’t beaten every worthy contender on SmackDown yet because he hasn’t beaten him. Jinder says AJ is a loser, and AJ says if he’s such a loser then Jinder shouldn’t have a problem with giving him a WWE Title shot. Jinder says AJ is delusional just like the fans. AJ hits the ring and fights off the Singh Brothers, then he drops Jinder with the Pele Kick. The crowd pops for AJ as the Singh Brothers pull Jinder to safety and they retreat up the ramp. The Champion heads to the back as AJ stares him down from the ring and pumps up the crowd.

– Jinder and the Singh Brothers are furious backstage as they storm into Daniel Bryan’s office. Jinder says he wants revenge on Styles, so Bryan asks what he wants to do. Jinder says next week, Sunil Singh will challenge AJ on behalf of the Modern Day Maharaja, and Bryan says that sounds like a phenomenal idea.

– Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler makes his way to the ring with no music or entrance video as per usual lately. The opening bell sounds and Ziggler starts off on the offensive. Ziggler beats down Roode until Roode fires back with a big lariat, and Ziggler rolls outside for a breather. Roode rolls outside too, but Ziggler rams him into the apron then dropkicks him. Back in the ring, Ziggler continues to wear down Roode. Roode fights out of a sleeper and throws Ziggler into the corner. Roode hits a spinebuster for a two count. Roode misses a shot off the middle rope, and Ziggler rolls up Roode with the tights for a two count. A series of counters leads to Roode rolling up Ziggler for a two count of his own. Ziggler comes back with a roll up out of the corner with a handful of tights for the three count. Ziggler leaves saying “I told you so” as Roode looks upset in the ring.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– We go to the announce table where Michael Cole briefly promotes WWE TLC on the WWE Network.

– Michael Cole announces on commentary that Brock Lesnar will be on RAW on Monday to respond to Jinder Mahal’s challenge for Survivor Series.

– Aiden English is backstage singing when he gets interrupted by The New Day. They start mocking English, then Rusev interrupts. Rusev says no more New Day, and the only thing that matters now is Rusev Day. The New Day continues to crack jokes on Rusev. English starts to sing in Rusev’s defense, but Rusev cuts him off and they leave.

– Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: Zayn and Nakamura start off in the main event as the opening bell sounds. Zayn takes Nakamura down with an arm drag, but Nakamura pops right back up and tells Zayn to bring it. Nakamura fires back with a knee strike and then drops Zayn with a kick to the face. Nakamura stomps on Zayn in the corner, then Orton tags in. Zayn backs up and tags in Owens. Orton backs Owens into the corner then charges at him, but Owens stops him with a boot to the face. Owens misses a lariat, but then blocks an RKO and rolls outside for a breather. Orton rolls outside but Zayn distracts him and Owens takes control with a cheap shot. Owens whips Orton into the ring post, then sends him flying into the fan barrier with a fall-away slam. Back in the ring, Nakamura tags in and goes at it with Owens. Nakamura starts getting the upper hand until Zayn runs in and makes the save. The ref sends Zayn back to his corner as Owens stomps away on Nakamura. Owens starts targeting Nakamura’s leg, then Zayn tags in and continues to apply the pressure on the leg. Owens quickly tags back in and hits a running senton on Nakamura for a two count. Owens works on keeping Nakamura grounded, and continues to try to damage Nakamura’s knee. Nakamura dodges a splash in the corner and fires back with kicks and knees. Orton and Sami both tag in and Orton unloads with offense. Zayn finally catches Orton with a suplex and both men are down. The fight spills outside where Orton gets distracted by Owens. Orton slams Owens into the fan barricade, then Zayn goes for a suicide dive on Orton but Orton punches him from the apron. Orton goes for a draping DDT on the floor, but Zayn escapes and shoves Orton into the announce table. They brawl around the table until Orton gets the upper hand and slams Zayn through the announce table to a big pop from the crowd. Orton brings Zayn back in the ring for a pin, but Owens breaks it up. Owens superkicks Orton, then Nakamura throws Owens outside. Sami goes for the big boot on Orton, but Orton dodges and hits a powerslam for a two count. Meanwhile at ringside, Owens slams Nakamura into the steel steps. Owens distracts the ref and Zayn low-blows Orton from behind. Sami follows up with the Helluva Kick on Orton for the three count.

Winners: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

– After the match, Zayn and Owens celebrate as they head backstage. As soon as they get behind the curtain, we see them begin taunting Daniel Bryan. They ask what Bryan has in store for them next week, and Bryan says it won’t be up to him, it’ll be up to SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. Bryan walks off, as Cole confirms on commentary that Shane will return to SmackDown next week. Owens and Zayn come back out to the stage while Orton and Nakamura are still recovering at ringside. Owens gets on the mic and says they “are” SmackDown, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Owens says that he and Zayn truly are best friends, and they hug as SmackDown goes off the air

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