WWE SmackDown Results (8/16)

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX. This was the go-home show before Sunday’s SummerSlam 2016.

– SmackDown opens up with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan talking to Randy Orton about his match on Sunday at SummerSlam. Heath Slater interrupts and asks for a SmackDown contract. Randy Orton says he has an idea for Slater: A match with him later tonight.

– The Miz and Maryse are in the ring for a new edition of Miz TV. He’s interrupted by Dean Ambrose before he can finish his first sentence. Ambrose is then in turn interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who makes his way out to the ring next. Ambrose gets in Zigglers face and The Miz separates them. Ziggler tells The Miz to shut up, and continues trash talking with Ambrose. As Ziggler is yelling at him, he unexpectedly superkicks Ambrose out of nowhere and drops him. Ziggler walks to the back as Ambrose lays in the ring. During the commercial, The Miz cuts a promo on Apollo Crews until Crews comes out and hits a spinning powerbomb on Miz.

– The Usos, Hype Bros & American Alpha def. Breezango, The Ascension, & The Vaudevillains: American Alpha and The Usos get all of their spots in on the heels. Jason Jordan and Jey Uso argue over who will finish off Gotch, and Jordan ends up suplexing him. The Ascension breaks up the pin, and this sets off a sequence of almost everyone hitting their signature moves. It ends with American Alpha hitting the Grand Amplitude on Tyler Breeze for the win.

– Eva Marie vs. Naomi – No Contest: Eva Marie’s announcer cuts off her entrance music and says she can’t compete due to delayed flights. Eva never appears, and Naomi walks to the back.

– AJ Styles talks to Alberto Del Rio about Del Rio’s match against Cena later tonight. Del Rio isn’t as excited about beating up John Cena, and AJ makes fun of Del Rio for not being on the card at SummerSlam.

– Heath Slater def. Randy Orton via DQ: Orton dominates the opening moments of the match, and the referee quickly stops the match because Orton did not obey his order to get off of Slater in the corner. Orton throws Slater to the outside and suplexes him on the fan barricade, then DDTs him off of it. Orton throws Slater back in the ring, then hits two German suplexes and an RKO on him.

– A doctor examines Heath Slater in the back, who complains that it hurts all over. McMahon and Bryan walk in and congratulate Slater on beating Orton and winning a SmackDown contract. Daniel Bryan also announces that their October pay-per-view will be No Mercy.

– Dean Ambrose def. Rowan: Bray Wyatt is at ringside for this one. Ambrose dropkicks Rowan to the outside early on, and follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Rowan comes back with a spinning powerslam. Rowans works the lower back of Ambrose and then hits a series of headbutts in the corner. Ambrose ducks a big boot and comes back with some elbows and a back suplex. Ambrose hits an elbow off the top for a near-fall, then Rowan hits a spinning heel kick for another near-fall. The finish comes when Ambrose escapes an attempted powerbomb and hits the Dirty Deeds for the win.

– After the match, Wyatt turns his back on Rowan. He leaves Rowan’s mask at ringside and walks away.

– Becky Lynch & Carmella def. Alexa Bliss & Natalya: Carmella starts off against Natalya, and hits a spinning head-scissors takeover early on. The heels take over the match, which leads to Becky getting the hot tag and clearing the ring. She hits the Becksploder for a near-fall on Natalya. Becky and Natalya run the ropes and collide in mid-air, then Eva Marie’s music hits and she comes out. Eva’s entrance is interrupted by Naomi, who chases Eva down to ringside. Despite the distraction, Becky gets Natalya in the Dis-arm-her for the win via submission.

– We see Baron Corbin in the back beating up Kelisto and talking trash to him.

– John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio: AJ Styles is at ringside on commentary for this one. The bell rings and Del Rio and Cena start off trading shoulder blocks and hip tosses. The action goes to ringside and Cena gets distracted by AJ, which leads to Del Rio taking control of the match. Cena tries to hit an Attitude Adjustment, but Del Rio escapes and hits the German suplex to remain in control of the match. Del Rio hits a big boot and a DDT for a near-fall. Cena comes back with shoulder blocks, a back suplex, and the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Del Rio quickly hits the backstabber to kill Cena’s momentum. Del Rio follows up with a backbreaker and a kick to the head for another near-fall. Cena escapes a cross arm breaker and gets Del Rio in the STF, but Del Rio reaches the ropes and kicks Cena in the face. Del Rio gets Cena in an armbar, but Cena powerbombs him and hits the AA for the pinfall victory. AJ Styles hits the ring after the match and lays out Cena with The Phenomenal Forearm. AJ gets on the mic and says he’s sick and tired of Cena, and says he’ll be the new face of WWE after Sunday. AJ goes to leave the ring, but turns around to beat down Cena some more. Cena surprises AJ and hits the Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere. Cena beats down AJ around ringside then moves the ring steps in front of the announce table. He hits the AA on Styles off of the steel steps through the announce table. Cena gets back in the ring and stands on the turnbuckle looking down at AJ to end the show.

– The latest backstage news on Goldberg’s status for SummerSlam, Vince freaking out backstage at RAW, & more