Backstage News on Who Handled WWE Evolution Production & Vince McMahon’s Role During the Show

According to a new report from, a big reason why this past weekend’s WWE Evolution pay-per-view may have felt different than a traditional WWE event is that it was not produced by the same team that handles Raw and Smackdown Live every week.

By the time WWE Evolution went on the air, most of the usual WWE production crew was actually in North Carolina preparing for Monday Night Raw. That also explains why certain aspects of the staging and lighting were different, as the set was also being used for Raw the next night and the all-women’s show was not factored into the meticulously planned out truck routes.

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30-year WWE line producer Kevin Dunn did not run the show backstage, as Evolution was set up and produced by the same team and director responsible for NXT Takeover specials. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were said to be running the bulk of the pay-per-view, with Vince McMahon in gorilla to oversee everything.