CM Punk Calls Pro Wrestling a ‘Bad TV Show’, Responds to Fans Who Are ‘Furious’ With His Views On Wrestling

Ahead of his UFC 225 fight against Mike Jackson tonight, CM Punk did the media rounds this week and discussed a variety of topics, including his win over WWE doctor Chris Amann in court this week, and his future after UFC 225.

After emphatically stating he is done with pro wrestling earlier this week, Punk was asked again by the media if he would consider a return to WWE if and when his UFC career comes to a close, and Punk had the following to say:

“No. That’s it. I feel like I’m an honest guy, I open up a lot to the media, and I’m brutally honest. I think a lot of people give you shorter answers, but I tend to talk, and now when I talk, I speak so honestly that people find these little things that they can kinda latch onto. Or they get super furious that I said that I can’t watch but eight seconds of wrestling. Why are you mad about that? Can you watch a bad movie? Am I gonna get furious at you because you can’t sit through a bad television show? People just need to shut the f**ck up.”

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You can listen to more from Punk in the video player above.

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