Dallara baffled by F1’s new rules

Renowned engineer and designer Gian Paolo Dallara has heavily criticized Formula 1 massive regulation overhaul.

The man who designed more cars than perhaps most engineers put together, and who still enjoys an active role at the company which supplies its engineering expertise to Haas, does not believe that the faster cars will lead to better racing.

“As an engineer I do not know why they decided to focus on higher downforce,” Dallara told the well-known Italian blogger Leo Turrini.

“Technically it will make it almost impossible to overtake, because no one will be able to follow the one in front of him. We complain about the lack of ‘show’ in F1 and then go in the opposite direction.”

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The 80-year-old designer also gave his two cents on the subject of the sport’s take-over by an American company whose culture may be at odds with F1’s interests.

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“As you know, we (Dallara) are very present in America, where there is an obsession to level the competition in every way.

“But F1 follows a different philosophy — they even invented the virtual safety car to maintain the gaps between the cars. It’s almost a cultural clash,” Dallara said.

“Do not ask me what is better, I would be partisan,” he concluded.


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