Impact’s DJZ Returning From Surgery Soon, Reveals He Has PTSD

Impact Wrestling star DJZ recently suffered an injury that has kept him out of action for the past eight weeks. DJZ has been a true standout for Impact Wrestling, and losing him due to a major surgery had left a void in their X-Division. DJZ joined Impact back in 2011 as Zema Ion, and he has slowly gained respect from fans and Impact management alike due to his work ethic. While the company’s popularity has dwindled in recent years, DJZ always appears on each show with the goal of providing the best match that he can possibly give. Unfortunately, there appears to be both good news and bad news from the Impact star.
DJZ claims that his recent injury and surgery has left him dealing with bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD). In a lengthy update from his Facebook profile, he revealed that, “I may very well have some form of PTSD from this experience as well, which I don’t want to believe or even admit, but I don’t know how else to explain some recent ‘episodes’ I’ve been experiencing.” This news is definitely heartbreaking to fans of DJZ. PTSD is a very serious condition that can be a very difficult thing for most people to overcome. DJZ also stated: “Its easily been the most difficult 2 months of my life, both physically and mentally.” 
 Despite the upsetting news, there is a positive ending to DJZ’s update: he set a goal to return to the ring in two months and he is set to do so soon. Ignoring the episodes of PTSD, DJZ has vowed to work hard and return to the ring. DJZ’s first show back from injury will be the International Wrestling Cartel show this Saturday. When he will be back wrestling for Impact Wrestling however, is a different story. DJZ worked hard to prove how talented he is, and he is going to continue to prove to everybody how tough he is to work to come back stronger. If he does have issues with PTSD, maybe he should refrain from returning immediately, just until it is all sorted out. Regardless, he is ready to return and will be making a comeback soon.

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