Jungle Boy Gives His Take On JR Altering His Name On Commentary

During a recent interview with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, popular AEW star Jungle Boy, discussed how he feels regarding JR’s commentary of his name.

During matches, the WWE Hall Of Famer has been calling him “Jungle Boy Jack Perry,” which references the fact he is the son of the late actor, Luke Perry. This is something that has caused a little controversy lately, with some fans complaining about it on social media.

This led to JR addressing the situation on his latest podcast, admitting that he sees Jungle Boy as Jack Perry’s alias like the Texas Rattlesnake was Steve Austin’s.

During the interview with Satin, Jungle Boy discussed the situation, admitting that earlier in his career he might have minded, but he is just happy to have JR calling his matches.

“Things are a bit different now than when I first kinda started it. I feel like I got here, at least, on my own merits,” he began. “For me, honestly, to even hear Jim Ross say my name is cool. That’s the voice of wrestling to me.”

He continued, “If that had happened at an earlier age and it were someone else, I probably would have said ‘Can you not do that?’ But I’m not gonna say that to Jim. If that’s what it sounds like to him, that’s cool with me.”

Source :

Pro Wrestling Sheet

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