On this day in pro wrestling history: Gotch defends title, Jones vs. Woods hair match, Morales defnds WWF title in Hawaii against Francis, Mankind wins WWF title with Jesse as ref

By Brian Hoops

1912 – In Kansas City, Missouri; World Heavyweight Champion Frank Gotch beat Jess Westergaard 2 falls to 0. After the match, Gotch said that Stanislaus Zbyszko should first meet Mahmout to earn a title match. 

1940 – At Memorial Hall in Kansas City; Bobby Bruns beat Jack Hader 2 falls to 0, Don McIntyre defeated Earl Wampler 2 falls to 0,  Steve Brody beat Leo Jensen and Al Getz and Jim Reeder went to a 30 minute draw. 

1955 – Britt, Iowa at the Hancock County Fairgrounds; Reggie Lisowski (The Crusher) and Art Neilson vs. Joe Dusek and Roy McClarity. 

1963 – Kansas City, Kansas in Memorial Hall; Pat O’Connor beat Rock Hunter 2 falls to 1; Mongolian Stomper beat 
Jim Grabmire, Bob Geigel beat Jose Ramirez and Tiny Roe beat Chico Chico

1968 – In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; In the first cage match in Winnipeg; AWA Champion Dr. X beat Mighty Igor Vodik in 2 out of 3 falls, Larry Hennig & Harley Race beat The Crusher & Al Tomko in 2 out of 3 falls and Chris Markoff beat Bob Tuck. Attendance was 5,860. 

1972 – Tampa, Florida at the Fort Homer Hesterly Armory; Buddy Colt (sub Paul Jones) beat Mr Wrestling Tim Woods, in a Hair vs Hair match; Eddie Graham beat Redbeard, Florida Tag Team Champions Hiro Matsuda & Bob Orton beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens, 
Ron Fuller beat The Scorpion and Buddy Colt beat Louie Tillet

1973 – Honolulu, Hawaii; Ken Patera & Billy Robinson beat AWA Tag Team Champions Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens on a 3rd fall dq,
WWWF Champion Pedro Morales double countout Ed Francis, Betty Niccoli & Ripper Collins beat Jean Antone & Paul Jones, Sam Steamboat beat Hard Boiled Haggerty and Bill Francis beat Tony Borne dq

1975 – Denver, Colorado; Verne Gagne & Greg Gagne & Ivan Putski beat Nick Bockwinkel & Buddy Wolff & Kim Duk in 2 out of 3 falls; 
Billy Robinson ddq Baron Von Raschke, Kim Duk beat Ivan Putski and Jos Leduc beat Buddy Wolff

1979 – Honolulu, Hawaii; AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Rick Martel, Peter Maivia beat Jay York, Siva Afi beat Mad Dog Martin, 
Coconut Willie beat Little Tokyo and Roddy Piper beat Clayton Rodriguez

1981 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin; AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Tito Santana, AWA Tag Team Champions Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat Ray Stevens & Bobby Heenan (sub Pat Patterson), Sheik Adnan beat Baron Von Raschke dq, Brad Rheingans beat Jerry Blackwell, in a
Handicap Match, Hulk Hogan beat Adrian Adonis & Nacho Berrera and Ed Boulder drew Evan Johnson

1982 – Wahoo McDaniel defeated Sgt. Slaughter for the NWA United States
Heavyweight Title in Charlotte, North Caroline

1985 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Boris Zhukov beat AWA Champion Rick Martel dq, Tom Zenk & Larry Hennig & Jerry Blackwell beat Fabulous Freebirds Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts, Baron Von Raschke beat Nick Bockwinkel by count out, Tom Zenk beat Steve Regal, Bulldog Bob Brown beat Man Mountain Mike Moore, Scott Hall drew Larry Zbyszko, Long Riders (Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin) beat Rob Rechsteiner (Rick Steiner) & Buck Zumhofe and Bulldog Bob Brown beat Brian Jewel. Attendance was 4,208

1988 – Memphis, Tennessee at Mid South Coliseum; Tommy Rich beat AWA Champion Jerry Lawler dq, Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden double count out with Bill Dundee & Jeff Jarrett, Jaime Dundee beat Downtown Bruno, in a Lumberjack match, Brickhouse Brown beat Gary Young, CWA Champion Phil Hickerson beat David Haskins, Southern Tag Team Champions RPMs beat Scott Steiner & Shawn Baxter and Cactus Jack beat Ray Odyssey

1999 – Mankind defeated Steve Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a
Triangle match to win the WWF World Title at SummerSlam in Minneapolis.
Jesse Ventura was the referee for match. Also, Jeff Jarrett pinned D-Lo
Brown to win the WWF I-C and European Titles while The Undertaker & Big
Show defeated Kane & X-Pac to win the WWF World Tag Team Title