This Is What Zayn Malik Would Do If He Wasn’t a Famous Musician

It’s hard to picture him as anything other than a musician, but Zayn Malik has a career backup plan just in case. While shooting his cover for VMAN 38, he opened up about what life would be like if One Direction, the band that put him in the spotlight, didn’t take off the way it did.

It turns out that he’d end up using his skills in a totally different but equally creative way. And we can’t say we’re totally surprised.

We have a feeling that Malik could definitely pen a few poems in his free time — that is, if he has any.

Since One Direction disbanded, the 24-year-old musician has been working hard on building his solo career. His debut album, Mind of Mine, came out last year and he’s been releasing singles ever since. One of his most recent hits, “Still Got Time,” was released in March.

Music aside, Malik has also used his writing chops to pen an autobiography, called Zayn, which was released last year.

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These days, Malik is finishing up his second album. The CEO of RCA, Peter Edge, noted that the sophomore recording has a “more optimistic tone to it,” and we can’t wait to hear what it’s all about.