WrestleMania Length Confirmed, Hogan’s Kids, Arquette is All In?

WrestleMania has been WWE’s biggest extravaganza of the year for several decades now, and with the amount of matches that have been confirmed for the show thus far, it certainly seems like this year’s show will provide fans with plenty of content. Last year’s show went on for about seven hours, leading fans to assume that this year’s show will reach the same length. PWInsider has just confirmed that this year’s show (including the two-hour Kickoff show) will indeed run for seven hours this year. Furthermore, the schedule released for next week on the WWE Network shows that WrestleMania will begin at 5pm and end as 12am ET. WrestleMania 34 takes place on April 8th.
There have been numerous rumors pointing towards a possible Hulk Hogan return in WWE very soon. WWE themselves have confirmed that they have been speaking with Hogan lately, and “The Hulkster” also attended WWE and HBO’s recent premiere of the upcoming Andre the Giant documentary. While speaking with TMZ, Hogan’s children, Brooke and Nick, also seem to believe that Hogan will be coming back to WWE at some point very soon. Hulk Hogan returning to WWE may be controversial given some of the remarks that he has made in recent years, but rumors of Hogan’s return to WWE still persist nonetheless. Hogan recently confirmed that he will not be appearing during any WWE events over the weekend of WrestleMania 34.

While most people know him for some of his acting roles, wrestling fans will always know David Arquette as the star of WCW’s Ready to Rumble film who also eventually captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. With Arquette still being an avid fan of pro wrestling, he has been spotted in the crowd during several events, but the Hollywood star just recently teased that he could be “All In.” Obviously, this is alluding to the wrestling show being planned by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks scheduled to take place on September 1st. Could David Arquette be appearing at the event? Perhaps we will find out later this year when All In finally happens in Chicago this fall.

I’m in
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) March 31, 2018

Are you “All In”? https://t.co/ZhYwciPXpi
— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) March 31, 2018

Hell yeah im ALL IN!
— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) March 31, 2018