Dixie Carter Disagrees With Vince McMahon's "Millennials" Comments, More

The following are highlights of a new U.K. Mirror interview with TNA President Dixie Carter:

On the live edition of Impact Wrestling on Destination America on Jan. 7: “Our first show, which is live, will be similar to what we’ve done in the past. There’ll be a few new bells and whistles but it’ll be similar because there’s only so much you can do live because you don’t have the post-production time to dive into unique, different production aspects.

But if you give us a few weeks, I think everyone will start to see a transition of very new and very exciting ways to watch Impact. I don’t want to say too much, I’d rather it just unveil itself. I’m definitely excited about some of the changes coming up.”

On disagreeing with Vince McMahon’s “millenials” comment during his “brass ring” speech: “I can’t even comprehend that statement. It doesn’t sit with our group. My own roster’s completely different than that. I don’t have a complaint about anybody on my roster.

The young guys are just as hungry … the young guys from 10 years ago are now the Bobby Roodes, Samoa Joes, James Storms. My main eventers, who were brand new young talent from 10 to 12 years ago, I’m proud of how far they’ve come. This young group of talent we have right now, they’re the hardest working, most positive team players around.”

Check out the complete interview at Mirror.co.uk.

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