Mike Kanellis Calls Out WWE For Not Caring About 205 Live

Mike Kanellis expressed his honest thoughts about how he feels WWE management, calling out the company for not caring about 205 Live.

Kanellis originally tweeted, promoting how good this weeks episode of WWE 205 Live was, to which a fan replied stating how it seems like the company doesn’t care about the cruiserweight show.

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Once again @WWE205Live puts on the best WRESTLING show of the week. Are you paying attention now? #wwe @WWE

— Mike Bennett (@RealMikeBennett) June 12, 2019

Mike Kanellis didn’t hold back his thoughts on that subject though, stating that WWE doesn’t care about 205 Live, but he also made a point to state that the talent care incredibly about the brand.

They don’t. But the roster does. And everyone involved with 205 cares more than you could possibly imagine. https://t.co/55EHeC2nSN

— Mike Bennett (@RealMikeBennett) June 12, 2019